If you think equalities training is boring, you have haven’t been on a brap course. Here’s what some of our participants have said about their experiences.

It's really worthwhile...

Passion and compliance

Theory and practice

Because equality can be about everything, our work is very varied.

The following is a shopping list of courses, programmes of study, professional updating and interventions we have delivered.

  • peer assessment
  • training the trainer and equality champion training
  • board development
  • coaching and leadership development
  • team building
  • standard setting
  • customer engagement
  • helping staff meet professional standards
  • using equality impact assessments
  • equality and human rights legislative updates
  • managing organisational cultures

brap will take a diagnostic approach to working with you. We want to understand how we can make equality and human rights useful to you; how we can work with you to embed it in what you do and how we leave you with greater skill and understanding than you had before we met you.