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 Illusion, Confusion and Cold Hard Facts

What proportion of the population are immigrants? One in four, perhaps? Maybe one in three? What about religion – how many people are Muslim would you say?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but chances are you’re probably wrong. Surveys have shown we’re extremely misinformed on a range of key issues. For example, on average people think 31% of the population are immigrants. In fact the figure is closer 10%. About a third of people think we spend more on Jobseeker’s Allowance than pensions. In reality we spend 15 times more on pensions.

This short booklet examines some of the more common misconceptions we come across when we’re delivering training. It’s intended to provide people with baseline knowledge of what the UK looks like. To make this easier, we’ve added in a few graphs and images. These are usually proportional to the figures they represent, so you can get a good grasp of the situation with a quick glance.


Although this booklet was developed with people attending brap training in mind, we think it might be interesting to anyone wanting to know the facts behind tabloid headlines. We’ll be updating it every so often, so if there’s anything you want included in future editions drop us a line, send us a tweet, or message us on Facebook
Download icon IllusionConfusion (1.04 MB)

Who moved my samosa?

'Who moved my samosa?' is a short and punchy introduction to resolving competing equality claims. Containing real-life examples, the guide sets out what a range of organisations have done to resolve conflict in the workplace and community. 'Who moved my samosa?' doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but it's a great place to start if you find yourself in the middle of a tricky conflict.

'Who moved my samosa?' is based on a research report brap undertook for the Equality and Diversity Forum. Commissioned to stimulate debate about how to address situations where individual rights conflict, the report takes a practical approach, incorporating case studies of some recent ‘conflicts’ and identifying the lessons that can be drawn from them. It's useful to anyone interested in dealing with workplace conflicts, promoting community cohesion, or deciding how to make and explain spending cuts in an increasingly lean financial environment.
Download iconWhoMovedMySamosa? (333.66kB)

Why bother with human rights?
'Why Bother with Human Rights' is an accessible and easy to read guide for civil society organisations looking to embed human rights principles into service delivery.

The guide will:

  • help you understand the importance of using human rights to achieve your organisation’s aims
  • discuss the role your organisation has in promoting equality in society
  • identify effective ways you can improve the service you offer to a wide range of people
  • help future proof your organisation against changes to equalities legislation
  • show you how to improve your reputation with funders
Download iconWhyBotherWithHumanRights? (1.33MB)

Get your network working
Get your network working does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a guide full of tips and techniques to help you grow your network.

Find out: 
  • the common obstacles that face BME networks...
  • to overcome them!
  • the secrets of running a successful campaign
  • how to get the most out of social media
Download iconGetYourNetworkWorking (333.71kB)