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We’ve got a limited number of places for the course, and they’re running out fast. You can sign up using this form. If you want more information, get in touch: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 0121 237 3600.

We asked Lifeliners about life, society, and the future. Here's what they said.



Lifeliners are superheroes! Want proof? Here you go...


We asked young people on Lifeline some questions about the project and their businesses, here's what they said...

Lifeline: Q&A pics

We asked young people on the Lifeline project what advice about the future they would give to a young person still in school, here's what they said...

Lifeline: What advice would you give to people still in school?

You can read interviews with some of our young entrepreneurs about online business, Lifeline and plans for the future:

Read Lalitaa's interview here.


Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: Lalitaa (723.83 kB)


Read Stephane's interview here.


Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: Stephane (466.97 kB)


Read an interview with Roshawn - one half of UniMee - here.


Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: Roshawn (454.08 kB)


Read an interview with Paul - one half of PauBuk Studios - here.


Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: PauBuk Studios (369.38 kB)


Read Paul's interview here.


Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: Paul (467.58 kB)


Read Nicole's interview here.

Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: Nicole (595.05 kB)


Read T's interview here.

Download: icon Lifeline Mentee Q&A: T (645.27 kB)

If you want to hear more from previous participants have a look at this video:

Recently we held an event aiming to gather together local young people interested in starting their own business, and were delighted to see how many people came along! It was a great evening of inspiring speakers, including a trainer, mentor, and Lifeliners already on their way to having their own online business. We also gave the budding young entrepreneurs a chance to quiz our staff about business, and discuss what it takes to be a successful start-up. Have a look at these pictures from the evening:

Lifeline: Birmingham Youth Love Business event

This video will be a reminder of what happened if you came, or show you what you missed out on if you couldn't make it on the night!

In October we caught up with Lifeliners to talk about progress so far and next steps, at our catching-up event bringing together young people ready to launch their businesses and those just joining the project. Here's some pictures from the night:

Lifeline catching-up event

Also, photos from some of our training, including examples of the young entrepreneurs wares:

Lifeline February 2015 business training

Finally, here's a blast from the past for you - photos from our first Lifeline business training sessions:

First Lifeliners