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We don’t just do equalities training.

We’ve always been interested in tackling the issues that affect people’s lives. From unemployment and gang culture to management training and parenting skills, our facilitators have delivered training on a range of issues. Here’s just a flavour.

Guns and gang culture
Helping young people think through the causes and motivation behind gang culture, this series of sessions empowered young people to tackle discriminatory behaviour by giving them a thorough understanding of equalities issues and developing their confidence through participation in interactive sessions.

Parenting skills
Dealing with the dilemmas of managing children from toddlerhood to teenagehood, we have supported parents and carers to review, reconsider and develop their skills as parents. Working with parents We’ve worked with staff in children’s centres to help them help parents deal with difficult and challenging issues, such as obesity and anorexia, having a gay child, dealing with suspicions of abuse or violence, and many, many more.

Enterprise support and employment
Giving young unemployed people the skills and confidence to pursue their own entrepreneurial ambitions, our support in this area has not been limited to training courses, but includes mentoring and over-the-phone advice.

Effective coaching
Our qualified and experienced facilitators have delivered a numbers of courses on the secrets of effective coaching, including active listening, providing challenge, making requests, and reframing and reflection.