Charity and social business talk

brap specialise in offering business support to organisations owned, led, or focused on marginalised communities. With a 13-year track record of supporting voluntary and community organisations, our SFEDI accredited business team have worked with thousands of organisations across the UK to help them start-up, grow, and diversify income generation streams. We also offer staff and volunteer training, all intended to make organisations ready for business. In the past few months, we’ve helped organisations raise over £1.7m in funding.

Crystal ball gazing
How well do you know your markets – and your future markets? Do you know who your service users will be in three years’ time? With ever changing commissioning priorities, social businesses need to be agile, forward thinking and responsive. We’ll provide you with your own personal guide and recommendations to help you stay ahead of the game.

Business plan writing
What are your strengths and weakness? Can you see the challenges ahead – and the opportunities? We can design business and strategic plans bespoke for your organisation, including market research and key issues relating to your unique selling point.

Developing your income generation plans
If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got! We work with organisations to review their track record and develop new income generation strategies. This service provides a complete analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and recommends a course of future development and action.

Don’t get caught on the back foot
The development of effective and efficient monitoring systems is at the heart of good evaluation and impact assessment, yet monitoring is a task that not many people really enjoy. brap will analyse project requirements and provide support in developing systems which allow organisations to get on with delivering their project and report with less effort!

Managing grants and contracts can mean organisations have to be meticulous in collecting monitoring data, but what happens if a project manager leaves, or the rules around evidence change? brap can swoop in and either strengthen or maintain existing systems.

Project evaluation
It’s important to be able to demonstrate the success and learning from projects, yet good evaluation can be a project in itself. With our team of expert researchers, brap offer an objective, insightful and thorough evaluation service.

Bid review service
Even the most experienced bid writers benefit from an objective review of their draft bids. With brap’s experience of income generation and fundraising, we can provide a non-biased view of applications, suggest improvements and even proofread your documents, increasing your chances of being successful. Bids can be reviewed over email in a matter of days, so there’s no need to wait for an appointment.

Board; not bored
Whether it be visioning or strategic planning, an external facilitator can support you to make the most of the time available, ensure that the meeting goes to plan and you leave with the outcomes intended.

Impact measurement
Justifying the need for a service, making improvements and ensuring beneficiaries are getting what they need is paramount to delivering effective and efficient services. Many impact measurement methods are complex and confusing – brap takes the pain out of impact measurement and monitoring, giving organisations the evidence they need to widely market their service and help to secure the next round of funding.

Equalities training
Voluntary and community organisations delivering public services have to meet requirements under the Equality Act 2010. Evidencing your equalities credentials can make or break your bid, so make sure you’re up to date with the Act. From training to creating equalities policies, this service will help you deliver fairer outcomes for everyone.

Changing the world from within
This service is a bespoke package of staff and organisational development to support you in meeting the needs of your communities in an ever changing social, political and economic environment.

Business in a box
This is a comprehensive VCO start-up package which includes all the policies, templates and guidance you need to set up your organisation. Great value for money for those just starting out.