Commissioner talk

You’ve told us you want to engage so-called ‘hard to reach’ groups to deliver more inclusive services and ensure value for money and customer satisfaction. brap has a number of solutions to support you in these aims.

Making connections
Whether you’re looking for community engagement or to promote participation, our team of specialists can provide you with a bespoke programme of activity which can innovatively engage marginalised or ‘hidden’ communities.

Knowing what’s what and who’s who
The first step of any successful commissioning strategy is a sound analysis of your community. Our research team can provide local needs assessments, mapping surveys, and demographic analyses to identify target the communities you want to fund.

Fair’s fair
Don’t let the law catch you out – find out how you can use the Equality Act 2010 to improve service outcomes for your organisation. From training to help with designing action plans, we can you exceed legislative requirements to create a fair, safe, and welcoming workplace for staff and service users.

Piggy in the middle
The pressure’s on to create inclusive, customer-driven tendering processes. Take the headache out of it: let us help you design fair and open tenders in order to diversify your supplier base and ensure a more equitable commissioning process.

The game of consequences
Whether you want to measure the potential impact of a service, or to evaluate what you’ve already done, our team of specialists can offer you a bespoke service to make your spending or solutions effective and inclusive.

This includes:

  • impact measurement
  • Social Return on Investment calculation
  • equalities impact assessments
  • local intelligence

Market makers?
You’ve got responsibilities to stimulate the market in your local area; but for this to really improve outcomes for local people you need to ensure all organisations can benefit. Whether you’re expanding your services or strengthening the capacity of new and hidden communities, access our support to build social capital and develop sustainable delivery partners. We can help you to:

  • improve your ‘market making’ strategy
  • build social capital in your area
  • build the capacity of charities and social businesses
brap managed to scratch beneath the surface to find out how people really feel about their local area. We have a huge responsibility to ensure the public receive excellent, value for money services – the information brap revealed will allow us to provide support that is even more efficient and effective.
Jackie Mould Director, Be Birmingham