"We need the courage to believe that better is possible"

In this interview with Cities of Migration, Joy Warmington, CEO of brap, discusses her thoughts on the Equality Act, the barriers that hold people back, and why she likes people talking to her at bus stops.

As a taster, here she is discussing the need for a new approach to equality and fairness:

"The biggest challenge is to rethink what we expect of ourselves and society. Inequality and unfairness have become so pervasive that people think they’re inevitable, a necessary fact of life. I don’t believe this. There is evidence to suggest that inequality has many consequences: higher levels of crime, mental illness, child poverty, and so on. However, I don’t believe we should accept this as an acceptable side effect of the way we’ve chosen to construct society. We need to have the courage to challenge the media, politicians, and other people who tell us this is the case. We need the courage to believe that better is possible." To read the rest of the interview, click the link above.