Cutting to the chase

As you know, we recently published the findings of our 18-month consultation with community organisations into the impact of cuts on front-line services and vulnerable people.

We've just written a blog for the Barrow Cadbury Trust where we outline some of the key findings and ask what the next steps might be to address some of the difficult issues we've found. You can read the whole piece here, but here's the beginning to whet your appetite.

The work of community organisations has always been underpinned by three key values. The first, and most obvious, is self-help: providing services when the state can’t or won’t, or when self-help is actually more effective or appropriate. Second is self-organisation. Community groups are often at their best when they’re movements for change in society, transforming attitudes about everything from homosexuality to disability to mental health. And finally, there’s independence: working strategically with local and national government to make life better by closing gaps in services and loopholes in the law.

That’s the history: what about today? In the current climate, community groups are facing unprecedented budgetary pressures. Making the Cut asked what impact is this having on frontline services and the people using them?

To get a better idea brap has been regularly speaking to community organisations in Birmingham for over a year. These organisations work with some of the most vulnerable in the city and cover a range of sectors, including housing, domestic violence, and youth employment.

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